Will Cinnamon Break A Fast? You Might be Surprised!

When fasting, certain conveniences, such as black coffee, will help us get through it. It provides a little energy and is often considered a great way to start your day during a fast.

But if you add cinnamon to your morning coffee, does this break your fast?

Adding a small amount of cinnamon to your coffee will not break your fast. There are so few calories in a small amount of cinnamon, so it cannot break your fast. 

This article will discuss whether or not the consumption of  Cinnamon can break your fast. So keep reading! We have all the answers to whether or not cinnamon can break your fast.

Why Do People Fast and What Are the Benefits?

There are many reasons why people might choose to fast intermittently. For some, it is a religious or spiritual practice.

Others may fast for political or cultural reasons. However, an increasingly popular reason for fasting is the purported health benefits.

Intermittent fasting (IF) is said to help the body to better regulate glucose levels, improve cell function, and promote overall health.

There is some scientific evidence to support these claims. Studies on animals have shown that IF can help to improve glucose tolerance and reduce inflammation.

These effects are thought to be due to the fact that IF helps cells to repair and regenerate more effectively. In addition, IF has been shown to increase lifespan in animal studies.

Though more research is needed, there is promising evidence that IF may offer benefits for human health as well.

Ultimately, the decision to fast intermittently is a personal one. However, for those interested in improving their health, it may be worth giving IF a try.

Can Cinnamon Break A Fast

There are multiple reasons why people decide to go on a fast, and this is not a new age idea. People have been fasting for thousands of years.

It is now known to have multiple potential health benefits such as improved blood sugar, weight loss, overall heart health, increased brain function, and even prevent cancer. 

Other people see it as a way of developing self-mastery of the body’s senses and as a way of increasing spiritual strength.

This site relates back to Indian and Christian tales of sages using a fast as a way in which to attain visions. 

Whatever your fast’s purpose is, the one thing that remains the same is that you stop eating for an extended period.

When fasting, many people will continue to drink tea and coffee, although they should always be black. But if you add spices such as cinnamon to your coffee, will that break your fast?

Cinnamon will not break your fast so long as you keep it to a minimal amount.

If you’re tired of drinking black coffee on your fast, adding something like cinnamon can give you a much tastier coffee and won’t break your intermittent fast. 

What Else Can I Add To Coffee Without Breaking My Fast

You will no doubt encounter many cravings when fasting, such as sugar, but if you add things like honey to your coffee, this will break your fast. However, you can use monkfruit!

There are some spices and other products that you can add to your coffee for flavor, and these will ensure that you do not break your fast.


If you’re struggling with your black coffee during a fast, either because it’s the same day in and out or you need a little more excitement, Cocoa can add a little flavor without any additional calories. 

Cocoa is an excellent choice as it contains theobromine and phytonutrients, which help fight against inflammation, heart disease, and diabetes and can help prevent cancer. 

A suitable amount to add to your coffee is about a gram. This will add a little flavor without breaking the fast.


Nutmeg is the next spice you can add to your coffee without worrying about breaking your fast. This will add a nice flavor to your coffee, and on top of that, there are numerous health benefits. 

Nutmeg can aid in pain relief, sleep improvement, digestion regulation, brain health, reduce high blood pressure and even help with weight loss.

A small pinch is all that’s needed if you plan on adding it to your morning coffee.

Coconut Oil

While it may not be the most obvious addition to your coffee, coconut oil can give your coffee a distinct taste when you’ve had enough black during a fast.

While it’s certainly high in calories, adding a small amount to your coffee will not break your fast.

As well as this, your blood sugar and insulin levels will remain the same if you add a small amount to your morning coffee.


So now that you know if your black coffee just isn’t quite doing it during a fast and you need a little more flavor, adding a little cinnamon will not break your fast.

Just remember, when it comes to spices and fasting, keep it to a minuscule amount, and you won’t break your fast.