Torani Vs DaVinci Sugar-Free Syrups: Which Is Better?

Looking for the true winner between Davinci and Torani Sugar-free syrups? We do have a winner and some compelling reasons behind that decision. So, let’s chat about all things sugar-free syrup!

A Sweet, Yet, Sugar-Free Life Since 2015

My life has never been sweeter and happier than when I started living a sugar-free life six years ago. 

Seeing family and friends age with mounting health issues (sometimes terminal), I decided to take my health into my own hands by eliminating the true silent killer in America, refined sugar. 

I would say that their blood sugar-related problems have inspired me to start living a sugar-free life in 2015. 

Even though I love dark chocolate and wine, luckily, I did not have the same appetite for these foods as I passed just a few weeks into a sugar-free lifestyle. 

So, when I decided to live sugar-free, it was not a hard decision and I committed to it right away.

Sugar-Free Syrup

Certain things make us apply sugar, it’s just a part of the experience of that particular food or drink. For example, coffee.

Who doesn’t love coffee with a splash of syrup? Did I say ‘makes us add sugar‘? It doesn’t make us…saying it that way just makes me feel better about myself.

The problem as you already know (because you are here) is the ridiculous amount of sugar in the store-bought syrup. Because of this, I set out to find a good sugar-free syrup. 

You know the type of sugar-free syrup that actually tastes like syrup, and doesn’t leave you with bitter after tastes or worse running for the bathroom (eeekkk! TMI).

Tastes Like The Real Thing 

That same day that my friend told me about her “sugar-free angels”, I immediately looked them up and ordered them online.

I can remember ordering one 750mL bottle of Torani Puremade Zero Sugar Sweetener and one 750 mL DaVinci Gourmet Sugar-Free Sweetener Syrup. Two days later, I received my package!

Ever since I started living a sugar-free life, I have always consumed pure black coffee with nothing in it. It tastes a bit bitter, but I love it. 

Anyway, since I had a craving for something sweet, I decided to use my sugar-free syrups in my black coffee. And it tasted like heaven in my mouth.

I couldn’t believe that I would still be able to taste something as sweet and as delicious as this even after I decided to live sugar-free. 

So, I called my friend and thanked her for sharing with me her sugar-free angels. They’ve become my angels, too.


Of course, after quite some time of using both these sugar-free syrups, I learned to appreciate their qualities and differences. Let me share them with you with this simple comparative list:


  • Contains water, monk fruit extract, erythritol, stevia leaf extract, citric acid, natural flavors, xanthan gum, and salt
  • Zero calories
  • No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives
  • GMO-free
  • Has various flavors such as caramel, chocolate, hazelnut, peach, raspberry, vanilla


  • Contains water, sucralose, cellulose gum, sodium benzoate, and citric acid
  • Zero calories
  • Has artificial sweetener (sucralose) and preservative (sodium benzoate)
  • Has various flavors such as almond, amaretto, banana, blueberry, butter rum, butterscotch, cherry, and many more

*Please do not mistake the Torani Puremade Zero Sugar Sweetener with the Torani Sugar-Free Syrup. They are made with different ingredients.

The Torani Sugar-Free Syrup is much like the Davinici Sugar-Free Sweetener Syrup as it contains sucralose and sodium benzoate.

Which is Better and Why?

After learning about their differences, I think that Torani Puremade Zero Sugar Sweetener is better than the DaVinci version.

I have been a loyal user of Torani since 2017. Even though it is a bit more expensive, I think that I get more health benefits with Torani.

Both products have no calories, but what made me frown about DaVinci’s product is that it contains artificial sweeteners and preservatives, which I believe in the long run could have negative impacts on my health.

 In my opinion, DaVinci’s product is a not-so-healthy alternative to sugar and I think it defeats the purpose.

What I love about Torani’s product is that it is free of genetically modified organisms or GMO.

It means that this product uses all-natural ingredients such as stevia, erythritol, and monk fruit.

Most importantly, Torani Puremade Zero Sugar Sweetener has no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. 

It has been making my sugar-free life sweeter and happier because it is truly an excellent substitute for sugar.

At first, I thought that I would never be able to taste something sweet again because of my sugar-free lifestyle. But when I found out about Torani, my life will never be the same again.


Welcome, and thank you for your joining me! I am a recovering sugar addict. I could not go a day without needing something sugary and worse than that, I was constantly thinking about eating sweets. For that reason, I chose to go sugar-free. I'm proud to say that I am now going into my 6th year of being mostly sugar-free. I say mostly because, let's be real, processed sugar is literally in everything. This is why I wanted to write this blog. To help others just as I helped myself.