Apple Butter Date Sauce

Here is how to make my take on Apple Sauce Date Butter, it’s seriously tasty stuff and seriously easy to make. This date sweetened apple sauce butter lies somewhere in between a sauce and a butter so it gets both names. Use this recipe as a sweetener for other recipes or enjoy by the spoonful as a sweet treat.

How To Make: Sugar Free Apple Butter Date Sauce


  • 3 Apples (your favorite variety)
  • 1 3/4 cup Water (approximately)
  • 3 Dates (you can always add more dates for more sweetness)
  • 1 tsp. Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice (or lime juice)
  • 1 Tbsp. Cinnamon


  • Large pot
  • High speed blender (I use a Vitamix)


  • 1. Chop apples
  • 2. Place apples and pitted dates into a large pot
  • 3. Add in cinnamon and lemon juice
  • 4. Stir until apples are evenly coated
  • 5. Pour water over apples (I make sure the apples are completely covered with water)
  • 6. Cover the pot with a lid
  • 7. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally till apples are softened
  • 8. Once apples are softened, drain water into a separate dish and set aside (**you may want to re-add some of this water back into the blended apples depending on how thick or thin you like your apple sauce)
  • 9. Place drained apples and dates into a blender and blend on medium to high speed for approximately 3 minutes

**As mentioned above, you can add some of the drained water back into the blended apples if you find the mixture to be too thick.


Welcome, and thank you for your joining me! I am a recovering sugar addict. I could not go a day without needing something sugary and worse than that, I was constantly thinking about eating sweets. For that reason, I chose to go sugar-free. I'm proud to say that I am now going into my 6th year of being mostly sugar-free. I say mostly because, let's be real, processed sugar is literally in everything. This is why I wanted to write this blog. To help others just as I helped myself.